New Heidegger Research – book series

Call for proposals for a new book series with Rowman International.

New Heidegger Research publishes work by, about, and provoked by Martin Heidegger. The goal of the series is to promote informed and critical dialogue that breaks new philosophical ground by taking into account the full range of Heidegger’s thought as well as the enduring questions raised by his work. To this end, the series includes English translations of newly available and untranslated texts by Heidegger himself, as well as monographs and anthologies that come to grips with Heidegger’s thought or draw inspiration from it. While insisting on rigorous textual scholarship, the series will give pride of place to work that does not limit itself to explaining Heidegger, but moves Heideggerian questions in new directions and opens new lines of research in dialogue with Heidegger’s thought. As Heidegger wrote in his preface to his collected writings, “The point is to awaken the confrontation about the question concerning the topic of thinking.” New Heidegger Research takes up this challenge. 

We welcome proposals in the following categories:

Translations: We invite proposals for accurate, idiomatic, and scholarly English editions of significant texts by Heidegger that are not yet available in translation, including volumes of correspondence.

Monographs: New Heidegger Research welcomes single-author books that are largely concerned with texts by Heidegger published in recent years, that take innovative approaches to Heidegger and ask new questions about his thought, or that draw on his philosophy (either positively or negatively) in addressing new areas of inquiry.

Anthologies: Collections of essays on certain texts by Heidegger or certain issues regarding his work are appropriate for the series, as long as the proposed volumes break some new ground.

Suitable topics for monographs and anthologies include:

• Original work in ontology, epistemology, philosophy of history, philosophy of art, political philosophy, theology, or other fields that demonstrates up-to-date knowledge of Heidegger’s thought and critically engages with it

• Heideggerian or anti-Heideggerian analyses of contemporary issues, such as technology, the information age, sustainability and the environment, bioethics, terrorism, contemporary capitalism, Islamism, and other topics in religion and theology

• Heidegger’s relationship to other intellectuals and philosophers, especially as revealed in recent private writings and correspondence

• Heidegger’s private writings: their meaning, style, and significance for us

• Heidegger’s relevance to and reception in China, Japan, India, the Islamic world, Africa, and Latin America, as well as other emerging domains of Heidegger study

• Studies of Heidegger’s politics that take fresh approaches and are well-informed by the existing primary and secondary literature

Inquiries: E-mail a current CV and a book proposal to Richard Polt ( and Gregory Fried ( The proposal should describe the book, summarize its contents, explain how it fits the series, compare it to similar books in the field, and include a writing sample of approximately 20 pages. The editors are committed to the prompt review of all proposals.

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