Terricide and Geo-metrics

I’ve had to put the Foucault work to one side – first because of moving, with the Foucault books somewhere in the piles of book-boxes, and now because I have a couple of upcoming talks. The first is at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference, on “Terricide: Lefebvre, Geopolitics and the Killing of the Earth” (abstract here and a little more here). A paper at the RGS is short, so I don’t have time for much elaboration. The ‘Terricide’ section was originally written for the ‘Earth’ paper I delivered at the CityState Lexical-Political workshop in Tel Aviv (audio recording here), but was not read due to limits on time. The RGS sessions are going to be published in a book with Punctum (Rory Rowan has the details here), so it will end up as a short, separate piece. As a result, I’ve not just made a Powerpoint presentation, but also written a text. It still needs some work, but the core of the piece is there.

I then moved to the paper I’ll be delivering in Canada at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at a workshop on ‘Regimes of Calculation and Global Governance‘ (19-20 September). The title of this talk is ‘Geo-metrics’ and it’s all part of this project of rethinking, or as I’m now suggesting regrounding, geopolitics. The abstract for the ‘Geo-metrics’ talk is here. I’ll be reusing parts of the ‘Earth’ paper, but developing some of the claims in more detail, and have revisited some of the arguments I made in my 2006 book Speaking Against Number. More work to do on that paper, but it is getting somewhere.

I’ll also be giving versions (and hopefully elaborations) of this material at the University of Warwick in October, and probably at the University of Zurich in November, under the title ‘Earth – Regrounding Geopolitics’.

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