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Shakespeare, Politics, Territory – a talk for prospective Warwick students

On 21st October I gave a short talk to prospective students at the University of Warwick. These were students between the ages of 15 and 18. The topic, which was suggested for me, was ‘Shakespeare, Politics, Territory’. It’s pitched at … Continue reading

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Ian Gregory talk at Warwick – reflections on GIS and historical and literary texts

Earlier this week I attended a talk by Ian Gregory of the University of Lancaster, on the way GIS and the digital humanities more generally can be useful in reading historical and literary texts. Gregory has a background in Geography … Continue reading

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Six myths about open access

Short piece in The Guardian about the myths surrounding open access.

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UPDATED — 73 Things Publishers Do (2013 Edition)

The Scholarly Kitchen on what publishers do…

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Simon Glendinning on the books that inspired him

A nice piece at the LSE blog from Simon Glendinning.

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Foucault, La société punitive – publication slips to late November

If, like me, you are eagerly awaiting Foucault’s La société punitive, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the publication date has slipped again. It is on and various other sites with a date of 28 November [update 5 December], but … Continue reading

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The New Althusser – a few further thoughts

My post on the idea of a potential ‘new Althusser’ collection for Theory, Culture & Society received quite a few hits, a few comments there, and some more by email, on twitter and facebook. I’ve made a note of all the … Continue reading

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Books received

Mainly in recompense for review work – Matthew Farish, The Contours of America’s Cold War; Braun & Whatmore, Political Matter; Sampson, Virality; Goldberg, Tempest in the Caribbean; Rutherford, Governing the Wild; Reece Jones, Border Walls and the latest issue of … Continue reading

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African Geographical Review – Special Issue Call for Papers

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
Posted on behalf of Kevin DeJesus: African Geographical Review – Special Issue Call for Papers Out of Place, Into Extremis:        Critical Geographic Perspectives on the State of Forced Migration in Africa Guest Editors: Kevin M. DeJesus, Rhode…

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A US review of McGettigan’s The Great University Gamble

I’ve linked to some reviews of Andrew McGettigan’s The Great University Gamble before; but this is a review in the LA Review of Books which draws out the links to what is happening in the US. Thanks to Michael O’Rourke for … Continue reading

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