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A two-year old exchange with the UCU’s head of campaigns – relevant again today

Two years ago I had an email exchange with Matt Waddup, national head of campaigns for the University and College Union. It concerned the ‘action short of a strike’ and the problems that this caused for writing, research, and external … Continue reading

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Interview: Lefort and Rosanvallon

Originally posted on Pop Theory:
New at the online journal La Vie des idées, here is an interview with Claude Lefort by Pierre Rosanvallon – actually from 2009.

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Chasing Dragons reading roundup on writing

Some interesting links on writing at Chasing Dragons.

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Interview with Biblioklept’s Edwin Turner

Edwin Turner, who runs the excellent and ever-fascinating Biblioklept blog, is interviewed about blogging by WordPress.

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The New Althusser – a possible TCS theme?

One of the ideas floated at yesterday’s Theory, Culture and Society board meeting was a theme issue on what might be called ‘the new Althusser’. Since his death, many previously unpublished writings have been published in France, with English translations following. … Continue reading

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Theory, Culture and Society board meeting

Yesterday was spent at Sage’s offices in London, at my first meeting of the Theory, Culture & Society editorial board. They say that you should not see two things made – laws and sausages – but seeing how this journal was … Continue reading

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Performing sovereignty and territory – the trial of the ‘King of New Germany’

Thanks to Ben Rosamond for sending me this story of the self-proclaimed king, Peter Fitzek, “who claims to have a established his own kingdom outside Wittenberg in the state of Saxony-Anhalt”, who was arrested for a driving offence. He produced “a … Continue reading

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Paul Jump on the Evolution of the ‘Research Excellence Framework’

In THE, Paul Jump discusses the evolution of the ‘Research Excellence Framework’. If you know what REF means, you’ll be better informed; if you don’t, count yourself fortunate.

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Arctic Circle Roundup: Three Subtexts

Phil Steinberg reflects on the Arctic Circle.

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Intervention – ‘Encountering Paratheatrical Space’ by Andy Merrifield

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‘Encountering Paratheatrical Space’ Andy Merrifield, Fellow, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge Enter a strange room, any room you’ve never entered before. It feels empty somehow, no matter how big or small this room is,…

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