Reassembling International Theory – new edited collection

ReassemblingComing out later this month, an interesting looking collection entitled Reassembling International Theory: Assemblage Thinking and International Relations, edited by Michele Acuto and Simon Curtis. Outrageous price of £45 for 136 pages though.

What can ‘assemblage thinking’ contribute to international theory?

Assemblages have been invoked in several disciplines to make sense of the heterogeneity of the elements of society and the ways in which these are politically intertwined. Can parallel developments be prompted in IR?

Reassembling International Theory investigates how the contemporary debates on assemblages in social theory can contribute to generating critical considerations on the connections and dissociation of political agency, physical world and international dynamics. It draws on a variety of international relations experiences and on conversations with key ‘assemblage’ theorists to tease out the theoretical and methodological implications, ontological and material dynamics, as well as the politics of assemblage thinking.

Including contributions from Rita Abrahamsen, Roland Bleiker, Antoine Bousquet, Christian Bueger, David Chandler, Stephen Collier, Olaf Corry, Xavier Guillaume, Graham Harman, Debbie Lisle, Maximilian Mayer, Aihwa Ong, Mark Salter, Saskia Sassen, Peer Schouten, Nick Srnicek and Michael Williams, this text will appeal to scholars in International Relations, Political Sociology and Human Geography.

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  1. dmfant says:

    that’s criminal, what is it handcrafted with gold inlay?

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