Gastón R. Gordillo, Rubble – coming in August 2014

Duke University Press have a page up for Gastón R. Gordillo‘s new book Rubble: The Afterlife of Destruction. Little there yet, beyond an August 2014 publication date, and this endorsement from Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing:

At the edges of the dreamscapes put forward by the state and capital, Gastón R. Gordillo shows us haunted places where phantoms and curses join human bones and broken bricks: rubble. The Argentine Chaco becomes a magical landscape wrapped in multiple pasts and presents. Simultaneously erudite and evocative, Rubble remakes the stories we tell about knowledge and history—and the legacy of violent conquest from the Spanish empire to the soy boom.

In the meantime, check out his blog at spaceandpolitics – some posts in Spanish; some in English. One of the things I am hoping to find time for soon is to start asking him some questions as an interview for the Society and Space open site.

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