Heidegger and antisemitism – ‘a new Heidegger affair’?

If you read French, this is an interesting discussion of what is called ‘a new Heidegger affair’ – the comments on antisemitism in a forthcoming volume of the Gesamtausgabe.

[Update: I mistakenly said this was Volume 73; it is rather Volumes 94-96.]

[Update: some more links at Enowning – thanks to Philippe Theophanidis for pointing me there. I think we need to be careful in how this affair is described. Enowning suggests that ‘professional haters’ are probably getting ready to weigh in. I’m sure that there will be plenty of dismissive contributions. But Peter Trawny (who edited the volume in question) is a serious scholar who has edited four other volumes of the Gesamtausgabe, and for that at least should be distinguished from Victor Farias or Emmanuel Faye. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interests to deny that Heidegger said and did some deeply unpleasant things. The question – as it always was – is how the thought and the actions interrelate, and to what extent.]

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