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Geographies of War & Peace RGS-IBG CFP

Originally posted on War Law Space:
Please see the below call for papers for the RGS-IBG conference in London in August 2014.   Jayel Aheram RGS-IBG 2014 Paper Session Proposal The geography of war and peace Conveners: Derek Gregory (UBC),…

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Orientalism and Musical Mission reviewed

Nadim Khoury reviews Rachel Beckles Willson’s Orientalism and Musical Mission.

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Franck Billé – Territorial phantom pains (and other cartographic anxieties)

Forthcoming in Society and Space, Franck Billé’s “Territorial phantom pains (and other cartographic anxieties)” (requires subscription).

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Michel Foucault : éthique et vérité (1980-1984)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Daniele Lorenzini, Ariane Revel & Arianna Sforzini (eds.) Michel Foucault : éthique et vérité (1980-1984), Paris, Vrin, coll. « Problèmes & Controverses », 2013 Les recherches menées par Foucault au cours des années quatre-vingt demeurent,…

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An interesting analysis of Twitter

An interesting analysis of Twitter: Writers who cover Twitter find the grandiose irresistible: nearly every article about the service’s IPO this fall mentioned the heroes of the Arab Spring who toppled dictators with 140-character stabs, or the size of Lady Gaga’s readership, which … Continue reading

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Verso spring 2014 catalogue

Verso’s catalogue for Spring 2014 is now available – many interesting looking books, including Roudinesco’s Lacan; Gros’s A Philosophy of Walking; Lefebvre’s Critique of Everyday Life (three volumes in one); Liberti’s Land-Grabbing (in paperback); Wilson’s Jeffrey Sachs; Kojève’s The Notion of Authority; and Rancière’s Aisthesis.

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James Glickman reviews Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing @Berfrois

James Glickman reviews Joss Whedon’s film Much Ado About Nothing on the Berfrois website. A really good and interesting review, situating the film within the wider context of filming Shakespeare. I enjoyed the review more than the film, to be honest.

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Drone Survival Guide –

The guide contains tactics for hiding from drones and interfering with the drones’ sensors, collected from various online sources. Health Ranger’s intelligence analysis of military drones: payloads, countermeasures and more’, by Mike Adams and‘The Al-Qaida Papers – Drones’, Associated Press, Feb 2013. … Continue reading

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Elsevier now goes after institutional repositories

News APPS has a story about how Elsevier is now going after institutions that have papers from their journals up online. This develops from their earlier challenge to (linked to here).

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Jeremy Crampton on my ‘the political is always technical’ comment

Jeremy Crampton has responded in a very interesting way to my comment that ‘the political is always technical’. I made that comment in my remarks to the ArcticNet conference last week – a summary and the audio recording are here. … Continue reading

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