A taxonomy of journal editors

taxonomytreeA taxonomy of journal editors – written for science, but enough relevance to social science and the humanities. Thanks to Ben Rosamond for the link.

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3 Responses to A taxonomy of journal editors

  1. Chas Spain says:

    I would definitely write a paper if there was a chance Snoopy might read it.

      • Chas Spain says:

        Hi thanks so much for the link. :> I definitely feel boundaries and immediacy of translating information to knowledge are blurring and threatening the western mode of ideas where everything from recipes to other forms of knowledge are acquired from other cultures through ‘research’ then translated into written forms and ‘assigned a value’ and ‘sold’. Agree with Joy about our imagined sophistication in constructing knowledge through research where this is simply nonsense – for example a recently published finding that street trees make the local environment cooler is something anyone’s grandmother would have told you for nothing based on a lifetime of observation. Of course if we look at cultures with continued oral traditions and song cycles then the western system of ideas should be far more acknowledging of how this participates as a genuine ‘publishable’ form without need for it to be translated into written form. There are of course many other significant examples.

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