Severe heatwaves in Australia

Durham’s IHRR blog on the heat waves in Australia – very close to (my temporary) home…

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog

Australia has experienced severe heatwaves recently with temperatures reaching over 40C (104F). 2013 is currently the hottest year on record, but if trends continue 2014 could be not far behind.

The extreme heat has led to fire alerts throughout the country making people evacuate some areas. According to the BBC, lightning strikes in Victoria caused more than 250 fires on Tuesday night alone. Some matches at the Australian Open have come to a halt due to the heat wave, with some players suffering serious health effects from the intense heat. This year parts of Queensland and New South Wales have set new heat records.

This is a satellite image of land surface temperature in Australia taken by NASA’s MODIS satellite:

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