An alternative map of Africa – reimagining the continent without colonisation

An intriguing map of Africa, imaging how it might have looked had it not been colonised. This might be a good spur to class discussion, though one thing that should immediately be noted is that it’s not just that boundaries would have been in different places but that there may not have been boundaries at all, or at least not ones in our modern sense. Thanks to Nitasha Kaul for the link.



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9 Responses to An alternative map of Africa – reimagining the continent without colonisation

  1. Wybo says:

    Dear Mr. Elden,

    First of all thank you for putting a rather underexposed field of geography in an almost philosophical spotlight.
    I do however wonder about a very practical thing, namely: Do you have any idea who originally made the above map of “Africa”?
    Your source is mentioned as Mrs. Kaul, but is she also the maker?
    I have several questions to ask him/her regarding the origins of and ideas behind the map.

    Thank you in advance for your swift reply and with kind regards from the Netherlands,


  2. Wybo says:

    Thank you for your reply. I will enquire further with Mrs. Kaul.

  3. C Martins says:

    At least credit the author, rather than just linking to an imgur page.

  4. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:

    I posted this map earlier in the year. The original source is, made by Nikolaj Cyon, and it is discussed here

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