CFP 12th Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium – Warwick, 4-6 June 2014


12th Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium


4-6 June 2014, University of Warwick

Organised by

Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre, University of Warwick


Gurminder Bhambra, University of Warwick

Jenny Edkins, Aberystwyth University

Jef Huysmans, Open University

Malcolm MacDonald, University of Warwick

Louiza Odysseos, University of Sussex

Sue Wharton, University of Warwick

Founded in 2002, the Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium (ALGC) established itself as the UK’s leading forum in which graduate researchers can explore and discuss critical approaches to global politics. ALGC brings together students and leading scholars in various strands of international theory; from constructivist to poststructuralist, Marxist, feminist and postcolonial approaches. Our aim is to facilitate inclusive and open conversations across different topics and traditions. We wish to encourage all researchers working from a critical perspective to apply.

We are inviting abstracts of no more than 200 words, to be submitted by 28 February 2014 via the online form at There will be no registration fees and successful applicants will be able to apply for bursaries to cover travel expenses.

For more information please see the poster and our website at, or get in touch with us at

Rogan Collins & Jakub Eberle

Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium 2014


Department of Politics and International Studies

University of Warwick


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