Durham Time and My To Do List

Peter Gratton on his plans for a term at Durham’s IAS – all very interesting, especially the work on Derrida’s Death Penalty.


Now that I’m well-ensconced at the fellowship here it’s part of my goal to do a bit more with the site in terms of adding content, beyond the links to stuff I find important. First up is to detail what I’ll be working on this semester.

1. First are two articles relating to Derrida’s later lectures. One will be a review for Berfois on Vol. 1 of Derrida’s 1999-2000 lectures on The Death Penalty. There already have been a number of articles on these lectures (see this 2012 special issue of The Southern Journal of Philosophy–subscription requ.), many by those involved in the translation project bringing out the lectures in English. Given the forum, I’ll concentrate on the limits of Derrida’s approach (he speaks of the death penalty almost wholly in terms of the theological-political, though of course its medicalization, which may be genealogically tied to the theo-political…

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