Measurement, Circulation & Possibility (some notes for a forthcoming talk)

David Beer shares some notes for a forthcoming talks – which draws on Foucault, Amoore, Brennner/Peck/Theodore, Ajana and Elden, among others. Sounds interesting, and hopefully a written version will follow.

Thinking culture


I’ve been asked to give a short presentation at an ISRF workshop, the details of the event are here. The workshop is on the theme of ‘Critique and Critiques’, with the second day focusing on critical theory in particular. The presentations are to be fairly short and are also to be delivered without powerpoint slides. As there is no powerpoint I thought I’d use this post to begin to assemble some notes in preparation for the talk – this post is essentially a set of notes that will frame my talk.

The title I’ve given the talk is ‘Measurement, Circulation, Possibility’. Its a provisional title that will allow me to begin to work through some ideas that will be a small part of a future writing project (I hope to post more about this soon) and will also be useful for a potential funding bid I’m included on. My plan is…

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