Marc Weller on the legal questions around Crimea

ukraine_crimea_russia_map3_624I’ve been trying to keep up with the news reports on the situation in Crimea, and haven’t felt a need to link to many of these. But this discussion at the BBC website of the legal issues by Marc Weller, Professor of International Law at the University of Cambridge, is worth a read.

I’ve been suggesting for a while that International Relations and Political Geography need to pay more attention to international legal issues in their work. There are some promising signs that this is indeed happening. This piece provides some useful background to just such a discussion. I’m not sure the Kosovo intervention should be seen quite so neutrally, and as Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian has pointed out, it is entirely possible to see fault on all sides.

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1 Response to Marc Weller on the legal questions around Crimea

  1. I think one needs to go read Diana Johnstone or Ed Herman or Parenti on Kosovo. And this is a good look at Ukraine

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