Rethinking Marxism – Keywords articles open access

Rethinking Marxism

Routledge is pleased to offer free access to all Keywords articles from Rethinking Marxism. The Keywords articles highlight theories related to the rich history of Marxism through the subject-led vocabularly.

“One of the goals of Rethinking Marxism from the very beginning has been to recover the vocabulary of the Marxian tradition. Our view was that many Marxian concepts and ways of producing specifically Marxian knowledges about the world had been repressed, neglected, or transformed beyond recognition. Now, fortunately—and, we’d like to believe, at least in some small measure thanks to our own efforts over the course of the past twenty-five years—that situation has begun to change, as the current crises of capitalism have generated renewed interest in the rich vocabulary of the Marxian tradition.” – Rethinking Marxism, V25.1

Just five pieces so far, but maybe more will follow. Thanks to Peter Gratton for the link.

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