Gratton’s March 19 lecture in Dublin on object-oriented philosophy

Graham Harman responds to Peter Gratton’s lecture in Dublin. And Peter replies here.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

You can listen to it HERE.

This is the most serious critical engagement with my work so far, and I look forward to reading Gratton’s FORTHCOMING BOOK ON SPECULATIVE REALISM. I deal with quite a lot of vacuous or untutored criticism in the blogosphere, so it’s refreshing to hear from a critic who has actually done quite a lot of background reading.

The strongest part of the lecture, I think, is Gratton’s dead-on intuition that Levinas may be the key to understanding my work. Yes indeed, and for me Levinas has always been immeasurably more important than Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, or Lacan– his early work in particular. Gratton goes into this link in some detail in the lecture, and I didn’t hear anything that seemed obviously off base.

As for the conclusions of the lecture, I am less positive. It is completely implausible to read me as a…

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