Henri Lefebvre on holiday – and other pictures

UnknownWhile looking for something else, I came across this picture of Henri Lefebvre on holiday with his then-wife Nicole Beaurain and daughter Armelle in the early 1970s.

There are a couple of other archive pictures here, including Lefebvre at the Moureux petrochemical factory he discusses in Introduction to Modernity and elsewhere. I’ve seen some pictures of Lefebvre in the Norbert Guterman archive, and there are some others online, but there are not that many widely available. This one comes from Beaurain’s private collection.

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2 Responses to Henri Lefebvre on holiday – and other pictures

  1. Have you been spending any of your time while in Manhattan working in the Guterman papers at Columbia? I glanced at a few folders back in October 2012, trying to make sense of his connection to Horkheimer the Institute and, in particular, his role in translating the Columbia lectures that later became The Eclipse of Reason. Guterman seems to have crossed path with quite a few interesting people.

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks James. I haven’t looked at those papers in over ten years, but I did go through them all while writing my book Understanding Henri Lefebvre. He had some very interesting correspondents. As well as the Frankfurt School I remember his letters with Ralph Mannheim about the translation of Heidegger’s An Introduction to Metaphysics. Guterman was a major influence on that work, and in the late 50s they were also discussing Heidegger’s Nazism. The papers were in a very disorganised state when I was there – several large boxes but no sorting or index, and letters to Lefebvre mixed up with ‘Dear Uncle Nobby’ Christmas cards. But some fascinating material.

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