Japhy Wilson’s critical study of Jeffrey Sachs from Verso

sachsAnother book picked up in the Verso sale, Japhy Wilson’s Jeffrey Sachs: The Strange Case of Dr. Shock and Mr. Aid. [Update: An abridged version of Chapter Five is available here.]

It’s a powerful and nuanced critique of his work and involvement in neoliberal projects, and a careful analysis of his development projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sachs spoke at the AAG in Boston in 2008 (video below). I expressed some of my doubts about this invitation to a senior member of the profession who told me I was wrong, and that “Sachs was one of the good guys”. Reading this book makes me think I wasn’t wrong after all, and I now know a lot more about why that is the case.

I examined Japhy‘s PhD thesis some years ago (on a completely different topic). It’s great to see him make this carefully researched and politically engaged contribution. A more theoretical approach to Sachs can be found in an article by Japhy in Antipode from earlier this year (requires subscription).

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4 Responses to Japhy Wilson’s critical study of Jeffrey Sachs from Verso

  1. Peter Gratton says:

    Just last week, I was examining an M.Phil in humanities defense using Sachs quite a bit. I think he’s considered one of the good guys because he does the Ted Talk thing of dropping the right words (ecology, poverty, etc.), but his history is notorious.

  2. dmfant says:

    Picketty in Boston:

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