Boko Haram – an annotated bibliography (repost)

About a year ago, during the last of my four visits to Nigeria, I posted an annotated bibliography of the Nigerian group Boko Haram. I revised it over the next few months.

Given Boko Haram are back in the news with the kidnapping of the schoolgirls, it seemed appropriate to link to it again. I was working on this topic for a potential article which I gave as a talk a couple of times but never sent anywhere. It’s on the list of things to do… In large part, though, my reading was for the purpose of making sense of what was happening. There are a lot of repetitive media reports, but little on the ground reporting, and quite a lot of misleading information. Some of these pieces help provide a better picture.

The bibliography doesn’t include newspaper or online news stories which are easily found. I include links where possible, and have indicated if pieces are open access or require subscription. I haven’t updated the references since May 2013, and of course new material is published all the time, but I think it is still useful. The bibliography can found here.

For those new to the topic, I’d suggest that DavisPham 2012 and Walker are the best places to start (all open access), perhaps followed by one of the Adesoji pieces and Elkaim, Omede and Thomson.

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