Ice Law project website launched

usfws-5164532851_056174e81e_bA couple of weeks ago I said a little about The IBRU Workshop on International Law, State Sovereignty, and the Ice-Land-Water Interface that I attended back in Durham.

The plan is that all participants to the workshop write a short summary of how their work contributes to the project, and I think these will all be posted online as the next stage in this work. For the moment, I’ll simply post the audio recording of my comments to one of the sessions. Much of this will be familiar to people who know my work on territory – both the historical, political and conceptual work on this topic – but that was really the point: a brief primer for people from a range of disciplines including anthropology and international law.

The project now has a website with lots of detail about the work and the first two reflections, from Klaus Dodds and Kate Coddington, have been posted. More will appear over the next few weeks.

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