History of Philosophy chart


Embedded from SuperScholar (via Daily Nous)

Update: I shared this because I thought it was interesting, and to clarify I’m not responsible for its content. I’m well aware this is Western, partial, male, white, etc. ‘Contemporary Philosophy’, especially, could have been much broader in a number of ways. If anyone knows of a more representative chart please add a link in comments.

History of Philosophy
Source: SuperScholar.org/

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7 Responses to History of Philosophy chart

  1. This looks very swanky but surely there are problems with a history of philosophy that’s so overwhelmingly white and doesn’t include *a single woman*?

  2. erm says:

    Dead. White. Men.

  3. stuartelden says:

    I’ve added a brief comment in the post – there are certainly problems here. But I wonder how much that is the fault of the chart and how much of how the ‘canon’ of philosophy has been constructed?

  4. bultmanniac says:

    The chart and the canon are of course both problematic. But every new chart/moment is a chance to reconstruct the canon. In short, the making of this chart is an explicit attempt not to engage in philosophy.

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  6. thomaslynch says:

    I think this chart is much better: http://drunks-and-lampposts.com/2012/06/13/graphing-the-history-of-philosophy/. For one it charts the frequency with which philosophers are invoked rather than offering a narrowly constructed canon. It is a more descriptive project. It also avoids implying a linear historical development.

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