A new project on Lefebvre’s rural writings with Adam David Morton

paul-klee (1)At the Warwick Politics and International Studies blog, Politics Reconsidered, Adam David Morton and I have a short post introducing a new research project. Entitled ‘Why read a long dead French Marxist to think about land struggles today?‘ the post discusses Lefebvre’s work on rural issues, which preceded his better known work on urban questions, and says a little about how his work might be relevant today. The first output from this project will be a new translation with an introduction and notes in Antipode, hopefully to be published in 2015. We are planning on a larger project to follow.

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2 Responses to A new project on Lefebvre’s rural writings with Adam David Morton

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  2. Ernestina says:

    I love the book cover and looking forward to the project on Lefebvre and rural writings

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