Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture – now published

Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture. Edited by  Łukasz Stanek, Christian Schmid and Ákos Moravánszky, it includes contributions by many leading Lefebvre and urban scholars.

9781409442936.PPC_Layout 1When Henri Lefebvre published The Urban Revolution in 1970, he sketched a research itinerary on the emerging tendency towards planetary urbanization. Today, when this tendency has become reality, Lefebvre’s ideas on everyday life, production of space, rhythmanalysis and the right to the city are indispensable for the understanding of urbanization processes at every scale of social practice. This volume is the first to develop Lefebvre’s concepts in social research and architecture by focusing on urban conjunctures in Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dhaka, Hong Kong, London, New Orleans, Nowa Huta, Paris, Toronto, São Paulo, Sarajevo, as well as in Mexico and Switzerland. With contributions by historians and theorists of architecture and urbanism, geographers, sociologists, political and cultural scientists, Urban Revolution Now reveals the multiplicity of processes of urbanization and the variety of their patterns and actors around the globe.

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4 Responses to Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture – now published

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  2. sandro wolfe says:

    great, thanks for sharing this with us !
    Here is also an interesting article about lack of space / space design in urban areas – http://smart-magazine.com/space/grand-architectural-schemes/
    why not make the most of the space or even use empty rooftops…if it helps the dwellers and becomes an affordable new house or office !
    we need to encourage creative ideas that is why personally i support this revolution ; )

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