Saskia Sassen’s Father and Eichmann

I knew a little of this before, but this is a really interesting discussion of Saskia Sassen’s father and her relation to him.


An interesting and previously unknown story to me about the sociologist and urban theorist’s links, through her father, to Eichmann’s post-war life in Argentina. (She had left discussions of this out of her autobiographical essays.) Perhaps the most troubling thing in the story is that a “friend,” Craig Calhoun, thought he was doing her a favor with this tidbit:

Another friend, Craig Calhoun, director of the London School of Economics and Political Science, praises her ability to synthesize and make sense of issues cropping up around the world. “If you wanted to say, ‘Where does Saskia Sassen do fieldwork and research?’—she does it in the business-class seats of international air travel, talking to the people who happen to sit next to her.” 

With friends like these…

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