Books on Lefebvre in English – why are six of ten with Routledge?

By my count, there are ten eleven books on Henri Lefebvre in English. Six of these are with Routledge – Shields, Merrifield, Goonewardena et. al., Butler, Middleton and Coleman – and four five with other publishers – Burkhard, Elden, FraserStanek [and Stanek et. al.]. The Routledge books are with different lists or imprints, so it’s not likely to be a particularly keen editor, and Routledge have not translated any of Lefebvre’s works. I know Routledge is part of Taylor & Francis, which merged with Informa, and so is a major publisher, but this still seems strange. Other trade publishers with interests in sociology, theory and philosophy – Sage, Polity, Pluto – don’t have a single book about him in their lists. Verso and Wiley-Blackwell have translated books by him, but have no books about him.

[Updated on 4 Feb 2015 to reflect the recent collection Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture]

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