Foucault’s The Punitive Society – forthcoming in English in August 2015

Thanks to Jeremy Crampton for the update – from the Palgrave website it looks like this has slipped to August.

Progressive Geographies

Foucault’s 1973 lectures On The Punitive Society are forthcoming in English in June August 2015. I have a review of the French text at Berfrois (open access); and a review essay forthcoming in Historical Materialism (preprint here).

These thirteen lectures on the ‘punitive society,’ delivered at the Collège de France in the first three months of 1973, examine the way in which the relations between justice and truth that govern modern penal law were forged, and question what links them to the emergence of a new punitive regime that still dominates contemporary society.

Presumed to be preparation for Discipline and Punish, published in 1975, in fact the lectures unfold quite differently, going beyond the carceral system and encompassing the whole of capitalist society, at the heart of which is the invention of a particular management of the multiplicity of interweaving illegalisms.

The lectures, which stand as an essay…

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