Colin Gordon, Notes on some papers (2015)

Colin Gordon – editor of Power/Knowledge and co-editor of The Foucault Effect – has been putting several of his papers on Foucault News rounds up some of the recent ones.

Foucault News

Notes on some papers uploaded on

Colin Gordon, 11 February 2015.

All but one of these uploads are about Michel Foucault’s History of Madness and/or issues relating to madness and psychiatry.

There is some information about individual pieces in the abstracts.

 “History of madness, history of exclusion”was the result of a commission for the Blackwells Companion to Foucault. This version had to be significantly shortened for publication, omitting discussions of complementary work by other historians which bears on the idea of a history of exclusion. The chapter aimed to restore an understanding of the conceptual architecture and political context of a book which has tended to be consistently underrated by commentators.

History of madness really deserves its own ‘companion’ volume, and I have a longish-term aspiration to put one together. Watch this space…

“La ‘Storia della follia’ in Inghilterra”was commissioned by Mauro Bertani and…

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