Book review essay – “Geographies of Peace”

Fiona McConnell, Nick Megoran and Philippa Williams’s edited collection Geographies of Peace is reviewed by Jenna Loyd at the Antipode site.

Fiona McConnell, Nick Megoran and Philippa Williams (eds), Geographies of Peace, London: I.B.Tauris, 2014. ISBN: 9781780761435 (cloth)

Reviewed by Jenna M. Loyd, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

***A pdf version of this essay is available here***

The lyncher and the atom bomber are related. The first cannot murder unpunished and unrebuked without so encouraging the latter that the peace of the world and the lives of millions are endangered.

 – Civil Rights Congress (1951) “We Charge Genocide petition.”

Peace is an enduring concern among geographers whose discipline has been so complicit in conquest, territorial and geopolitical hegemony, war, and racism. Elisée Reclus, for example, wrote in 1898 that “the words ‘order’ and ‘social peace’ sound quite beautiful to our ears, but we would like to know what these noble apostles, the rulers, mean by these words. Yes, peace and order are great ideals that deserve to be realized…

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