Towards a Comprehensive Michel Serres primary bibliography (5): interviews

Interviews by Michel Serres – the fifth part of Christopher Watkin’s comprehensive bibliography.

Christopher Watkin

This list does not include audio and video interviews, which will appear in a future installment. There are one or two interviews featuring in other bibliographies that I do not include in this list, because 1) they refer to web links that are now broken and 2) the interview is not available elsewhere.

Notably, the following item appears in bibliographies here and here, but I have not been able to track down a reliable reference for it:

“Michel Serres: Il faut apprendre aux enfants à désobéir.”  Le Courrier français.  [Volume and date unknown.  This is a Quebec magazine that published an interview of Michel Serres.]

Please let me know if you have a full reference, and I will add it to the list.

(1976). Serres, Michel, and Françoise Lévy, “Le philosophe et la guerre.” Les Nouvelles littéraires 54, no. 2536: 21.

(1983). Serres, Michel, and J-P. Dumont, et al., “Les…

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