Towards a Comprehensive Michel Serres primary bibliography (6a): audio and video (with links)

The Serres bibliography continues…

Christopher Watkin

This part of the bibliography lists Serres’ film and television appearances, as well as those videos freely available on the web in which he features (see all the Serres bibliography posts together on this page).

This is the first of two versions of this section of the bibliography. On the other version, Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo clips are embedded directly into the list, so that you can access them within the page, which will make the other version take longer to load and be prohibitively slow on some machines. I have been careful not to link to any material under copyright, but if you spot an infringement let me know and I’ll delete the link.

Tip: if you don’t speak French but want to watch the French language videos, some youtube clips can automatically translate subtitles. Click on the “CC” icon at the foot of the video (1 in the…

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