Data visualising Kant’s vocabulary – Valerio Pellegrini

Data visualising Kant’s vocabulary – a design project by Valerio Pellegrini’s in his Master in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano. Here’s a brief description and one sample image, but there are several different types.

The tool stems from a collaboration between the DensityDesign Research Lab and a group of researchers from the University of Milan focused on Kantian Studies, based on the exploitation of data visualization as support for the analysis of the text. The usual research work is based on browsing thousands of pages, looking where and how lemmas appear, identifying structures and patterns of evolution and other elements useful to support the reconstruction and the interpretation of one author’s thought. The idea of combining data visualization with text annotation stems from the will of providing, in a single environment, both a synoptic vision of the whole corpus and the ability to collect together hundreds of notes and comments in their specific context.

Thanks to Eduardo Mendieta and Daily Nous for the link.


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