Reconfiguring global space

Derek Gregory with details of a very interesting event coming up in Indiana.

geographical imaginations

In July I’m thrilled to be speaking at Reconfiguring Global Space: the geography, politics and ethics of drone war, to be held at Indiana University – Bloomington, 14-17 July.

Reconfiguring Global Space PNG

The other speakers – which explains why I’m thrilled to be going – include Medea Benjamin, Mark Neocleous, Priya Satia and Madiha Tahir: people I know only through print, video or e-mail (sometimes all three!) and it will be good to meet them in non-digital form.  Which, given the subject of the conference, is an all too appropriate wish….

There are lots of other interesting participants too: the outline program is here, and the organizers hope to have full details available at the end of this month.

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