Please donate to Punctum Books – open-access does not mean no production costs

Sharing the appeal from Punctum Books. I’ve donated a little in the past, but it’s surprising how few people do. Books cannot be produced for zero cost. I’ve shared lots of links to their books in the past, have contributed to one, and have pieces in two forthcoming collections. But I’m also a reader. Please take a look at their wonderful collection, but please do consider a donation.


Every time someone downloads a book from punctum’s website, they see a pop-up window that asks them to consider donating something (no matter how small) for the gift of all of these free books and cultural resources, but less than 2% of all readers actually make a donation (but: THANK YOU beautiful 2-percent-ers!). We understand that to really work any stream of donations, you have to be aggressive, although in our already overly crowd-sourced and attention-compromised world,… we despair a little at our needing to be shouted at above and through the madding fray. That said, if you care about and/or have benefited in any way from punctum books, and/or you simply want to support the cause of Open Access publishing (which also means to support the cause of more authors having access to the means of publication, not just supporting the cause of readers having more access to more titles), please consider helping punctum in one of 2 ways — by actually making a donation, or purchasing one or more of our titles in print. VIVE LA OPEN ACCESS!

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