Theatre, Performance, Foucault! – programme 2015

Full details of the ‘Theatre, Performance, Foucault!’ event I’ll be speaking at next month.

Foucault News

Theatre, Performance, Foucault!

 One-day symposium hosted by the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy working group of the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA)

 Saturday, 4th July 2015
King’s College London

K0.31 Small Committee Room, Strand London UK WC2R 2LS

Registration site


9:30-10am Welcome, registration and tea/coffee

Session 1: Theatre/Foucault/Theatre
10am – 11:30am

Mark Robson (University of Dundee), “Foucault and Theatre: Playing Placeless Place”

Stuart Elden (University of Warwick), “Foucault and Shakespeare: Ceremony, Theatre and Politics”

Aline Wiame (Université Libre de Bruxelles), “Foucault’s Genealogical Theatre of Truth and its Impact on Performance Philosophy”


Interruption/Provocation 1: ‘Murmurs of Resemblance’
11:45am –12:15pm

P.A. Skantze (University of Roehampton), “The Table that Says Its Name”

Eleni Kolliopoulou (independent artist, Turin), “Dead can dance” and “8-9”


12:15 – 1:30pm Please join us for lunch at Fernandez & Wells, in the Somerset House courtyard

Session 2: Forms, Methods and Methodologies
1:30pm – 3pm


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