Society and Space Vol 33 No 3 now out – this issue and selected back issues currently open access

From the Society and Space open site

This is the first Society and Space issue with new publisher, SAGE. All contents are currently open access as part of a free trial period.

Situated solidarities and the practice of scholar-activism 391-407 Paul Routledge and Kate Driscoll Derickson
Zapatismo: other geographies circa “the end of the world” 408-424 Alvaro Reyes
After the pop-up games: London’s never-ending regeneration 425-443 Ameeth Vijay
Topologies of vulnerability and the proliferation of camp life 444-459 François Debrix
Contradiction, intervention, and urban low carbon transitions 460-476 Vanesa Castán Broto
On the political nature of cyanobacteria: intra-active collective politics in Loweswater, the English Lake District 477-493 Claire Waterton and Judith Tsouvalis
Securing and scaling resilient futures: neoliberation, infrastructure, and topologies of power 494-511 Daniel Sage, Pete Fussey, and Andrew Dainty
Resilience governance and ecosystemic space: a critical perspective on the EU approach to Internet security 512-527 Mareile Kaufmann
Disrupting migration stories: reading life histories through the lens of mobility and fixity 528-544 Ben Rogaly
Corporate personhood and the corporate body: the case of former energy giant Enron on trial for fraud 545-559 Jayme Walenta
Field recording and the sounding of spaces 560-576 Michael Gallagher

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