An Update on the Derrida Seminars

An update on the publication of Derrida’s seminars – very informative and some fascinating material to come.


Last week at the Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Peggy Kamuf, one of the English translators of the Derrida Seminars, provided a quick update on their publication schedule. This year, in French, will see the publication in October (as of now, but Galilée is becoming a bit notorious with delays), of the second volume of Derrida’s two-year seminars on the death penalty (2000-1). Next year, Elizabeth Rottenberg will provide an English translation of this second year, while in French is due to be published what I think will be the important 1975-6 seminar La vie la mort. Originally, the seminars were to be produced in French (with translations in English and now Italian to follow quickly) going backward. Thus we have translated the two years of the Beast and the Sovereign seminars (2001-2; 2002-3), then the move to death penalty lectures, with projections forward of the mid-90s seminars, and so…

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  1. Franz E. says:

    Porque será que tenho uma má ideia deste pensador?

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