New Associate Editors at Political Geography

Phil Steinberg shares the news of the new editorial team for Political Geography.

Halvard Buhaug Halvard Buhaug

Fiona McConnell Fiona McConnell

The new Political Geography editorial team for 2016 (and beyond?) is now in place. James Sidaway, Jo Sharp, and I will be joined by two new associate editors: Halvard Buhaug, from the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), and Fiona McConnell, from Oxford University.  Halvard and Fiona both currently serve on the journal’s editorial board and have a long history assisting in directing the journal. They both come to the journal with a wealth of experience, in journal editing and management, as well as being leading scholars in the field. In addition to Halvard and Fiona, James Sidaway will be continuing on as associate editor and Jo Sharp will have her remit expanded from reviews editor to  associate editor with responsibility for the entire ‘Setting the Agenda’ section (guest editorial, review essays, review forums, etc.).

It’s with a sense of humility (yes, really…

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