Today, 1pm, Architectural Association, London – “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain”

Today at 1pm I’ll be giving a lecture to the Landscape Urbanism Programme at the Architectural Association, London: “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain”,  (abstract and details). I understand that the talk will be recorded and made available online. The lecture will range from my work on territory in Terror and Territory and The Birth of Territory, through to the work on volume and terrain I’ve been developing in the last few years. It will be quite visual, with some of my photos from the US-Mexico, Israel-Lebanon, and Swaziland-South Africa borders, as well as several images from the West Bank, Jordan valley and some from the Golan, like the one below. There is also an image of Mont Ventoux, since my interest in terrain is not just geo-strategic, and I may try to find room for a little Shakespeare. It’s the last talk on my previous territory work I’m scheduled to deliver  – future talks, at least for a while, are on Foucault and Shakespeare.


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2 Responses to Today, 1pm, Architectural Association, London – “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain”

  1. beingthanoszartaloudis says:

    I am sorry to miss this, especially since I will be in the building! I have supervision appointment with PhD students and then I am giving a 2hr lecture. I hope it goes well for you.


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