Virtual roundtable discussion, and free Antipode papers, on “Migration and the Refugee Crisis”

Open access Antipode papers on “Migration and the Refugee Crisis” to link to virtual roundtable discussion on this theme.

Antipode’s publisher, Wiley, runs a great philosophy blog – The Philosopher’s Eye. This Friday, 16 October, they will be hosting what they’re calling a “virtual roundtable discussion” on migration and the refugee crisis.

On the panel will be:

NessImmanuel Ness – activist and professor of political science at CUNY’s Brooklyn College, and editor-in-chief of The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration (Wiley, 2013), Ness’ research focuses on labour, urban political economy, migration, imperialism, and social mobilizations, worker insurrections, strikes and solidarity;

ParekhSerena Parekh – professor of philosophy at Northeastern University, and author of Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of Modernity: A Phenomenology of Human Rights (Routledge, 2008), Parekh’s research interests include feminist theory, continental philosophy, the philosophy of human rights, and justice, responsibility and refugees; and

SinghReenee Singh – London-based family therapist, editor of the Journal of Family Therapy, and co-director of the Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre.

To join the discussion (registration is…

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