Barry Stocker on Foucault’s Théories et institutions pénales lecture course

Now with a link to the commentary on the lecture of 12th January 1972.

Progressive Geographies

c9d71a6be7Barry Stocker has been making a series of posts on Foucault’s Théories et institutions pénales lecture course, which appeared earlier this year – an English translation is likely to be a couple of years away, since The Punitive Society has just come out, and Subjectivity and Truth will be the next one.

Dates below are those of Foucault’s lectures, with links to Barry’s posts on them.

24th November, 1971 – includes a useful discussion of the notion of a parlement

1st December, 1971 – part onepart two; part three

15th December, 1971

22nd December, 1971

12th January, 1972

I’ll add further links as they become available.

My review of the course was published at Berfrois earlier this year.

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