The Biopolitics of Gender (2015)

News of Jemima Repo’s book The Biopolitics of Gender

Foucault News

repoJemima Repo (2015) The Biopolitics of Gender. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press

  • Introduces a new theoretical and methodological approach to gender
  • Conducts a genealogy of gender similar to Foucault’s mid-twentieth century genealogy of sexuality
  • Argues that gender is an apparatus of biopower invented in the postwar period in order to regulate the reproduction of capital and population
  • Demonstrates how gender forges biopolitical connections between sexology, psychiatry, feminism, demography, economics, and public policy
  • Reconsiders the emancipatory potential of the idea of gender for feminist theory and politics today

Michel Foucault identified sexuality as one of the defining biopolitical technologies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As Jemima Repo argues in this book, “gender” has come to be the major sexual signifier of the mid-twentieth and early twenty-first century. In fact, in this historical excavation of the biopolitical significance of the term, she argues that it could not…

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