“About the Concept of the ‘Dangerous Individual’ in Legal Psychiatry of the 19th Century” – details of variant English and French texts

I’ve updated this post from March 2014 because a photocopy of a 36pp. typescript of the unpublished original French text is available at IMEC. It appears in the catalogue as reference FCL 1.10: “A propos de la notion d’individu dangereux dans la psychiatrie légale au XIXe siècle”.
This copy breaks off very slightly incomplete. The final sentence ends ‘… alors’; there is no French text according to ‘the judicial machine ceases to function’. The remainder of the material in the original post is correct.

Progressive Geographies

A couple of months ago [update: in January 2014], I asked three minor questions concerning Foucault’s ‘About the Concept of the Dangerous Individual’ lecture in Toronto in 1977.

  • is the version in Dits et écrits the original French, or a re-translation with an uncredited translator?
  • was the conference at the Clark Institute or York University, or a joint event?
  • why is the paragraph from the course summary discussing the seminar omitted from «Il faut défendre la société» and the subsequent English translation Society Must Be Defended?

Following a useful exchange of comments with Javier Velásquez, it is clear that we have the answer to the first. The text in Dits et écrits is not a translation; but nor is it the entirety of the original French. It is an edited version of the original.

We have constructed a clear chronology of the publication history of this text to help…

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