List of OA journals in my field – geography, political ecology, social science

A very valuable resource on open access journals in Geography and Political Ecology from Simon Batterbury.

 “Full open-access journals are housed on independent or University affiliated websites, freely available to everyone in the world within an internet connection, and provide a free anonymous peer-review service for contributors.” Nathan Coombs here

Academics write most of their work in journals. Journals should publish and curate good quality work, but unfortunately the majority are also used to make money for commercial publishers. Corporate profits are frequently high because companies retain author copyrights, and sell the material to (mainly) scholarly and university libraries. Academics do not rock the boat on this very often, because their  prestige and career is linked too much to the journals they publish in, and most of the high quality ones are commercial and expensive. Our systems of merit and performance measures are not yet geared to rewarding publishing that is ethical, or based on social justice criteria. This is worst at research universities.

To make some contribution to the…

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  1. Thanks
    Let me know if any are wrong or missing.

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