A previously unpublished 1983 conversation between Michel Foucault and Jonathan Simon – forthcoming in Theory, Culture and Society

home_cover“Danger, Crime and Rights: A 1983 conversation between Michel Foucault and Jonathan Simon” is forthcoming in Theory, Culture and Society. I found a recording of the discussion in the Berkeley archive, and since I knew Jonathan, got in touch. We had a conversation about it at Berkeley, and TCS agreed to paid for the transcription. This was done by Katie Dingley, and lightly edited by me – mainly adding a few explanatory notes. I wrote an introduction; Jonathan wrote a commentary.

Daniel Defert and Henri-Paul Fruchaud helped with getting the rights. This will now appear in the journal, hopefully sometime in 2016. A French translation may follow.

The article will be accompanied by a photograph taken a few moments after this one. Jonathan Simon is two to the right of Foucault, between Keith Gandal and Arturo Escobar.
Eribon book photos - Berkeley2

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