Foucault and the Politics of Health – Collaborative research and activism – UCL, 12 Jan 2016, 12.30pm

Just back from a week’s holiday, with no email or internet. Tomorrow at 1pm (refreshments from 12.30) I’ll be giving a talk entitled “Foucault and the Politics of Health – Collaborative research and activism”, to the Geography Department at University College London. This will be held in the Bedford Way building, room BW113.

Concentrating on the early 1970s, this talk will discuss Foucault’s research and activist work concerning the politics of health. This is in three registers – the research in his Collège de France seminar; his work with Félix Guattari’s CERFI group; and his role in the activist organisation Groupe Information Santé. The sources for tracing his work in these areas are uncollected, sometimes anonymous, and often unpublished. The talk will draw on published reports and pamphlets, news sources, and material archived in Paris and Normandy.

The talk will draw extensively on the work in Chapter Six of Foucault: The Birth of Power, and will be close to the talks given at LSE and the IHR late last year.

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