The GIP, the 1972 Nancy prison revolt and the Gauche révolutionnaire – a request for help

GIP.jpgI wonder if anyone can help. I am looking for a brochure entitled ‘Révolte à la prison de Charles III de Nancy’, authored by the Groupe d’Information sur les prisons. It appeared as a supplement to Gauche révolutionnaire, no 9, 1972. The Bibliothèque Nationale has issues 5-22 of that newsletter, but unfortunately does not have the supplements.

Some – perhaps all – of this is reproduced in the recent book La Révolte de la prison de Nancy, pp. 112-21, but I’d really hoped to find the original text to check. The supplement is also mentioned in Comité Vérité Toul, La Révolte de la centrale Ney, p. 351; and in the recent Intolérable collection of GIP pamphlets, p. 268. The earlier Archives d’une lutte collection of their work has the image of the cover on p. 238 (reproduced here).

The BNF copy has nos 9-10-11 as a treble issue, of 24 pages, dated 15 janvier/15 mars 1972. Why would the Archives d’une lutte reference suggest a supplement to no 9 alone? The Intolérable timeline suggests June 1972. June 1972 relates to a double issue, no 13-14, 15 juin-15 juillet 1972, but no supplement is present there either. Perhaps there was another newsletter – ‘revolutionary left’ is hardly specific as a title, and I know there was a journal of the same name in the 1930s – but I think this is the right one and that it is just missing the supplement. There are other libraries that have runs of the newsletter, but if the whole of the text is reproduced in La Révolte de la prison de Nancy, or if that library also doesn’t have the supplements, then it would be a long and wasted trip. So, if anyone knows more about this, please do get in touch.

Update March 2016: Nanterre’s BDIC, which also has a run of the newsletter, does not have the supplement. Contacting the editor of the La Révolte de la prison de Nancy  has not, so far, led to a resolution of the query. Any further leads would be appreciated.

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3 Responses to The GIP, the 1972 Nancy prison revolt and the Gauche révolutionnaire – a request for help

  1. rjgarcier says:

    I have forwarded your post to colleagues at Nanterre who might be able to check in the Library’s archive, as it seems that Nanterre is the only place where there is another series of “Gauche révolutionnaire”.

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