Shakespeare, Richard II query

I’m trying to decipher a hand-written bibliography of books on Shakespeare, and one entry reads: “Sprich, Shakespeare, Richard II (1970)”.

I can’t find such a book, so am assuming that ‘Sprich’ is not correct. The handwriting is poor, so it could be something else entirely. Unfortunately I can’t provide an image of the bibliography. ‘Sprich’ is a German word, so internet searches just turn up German translations of the play. Worldcat isn’t helping.

Any ideas for what book this might be referring to? My best guess so far is that it is a reference to a translation of the play, there are a couple of German ones which did have a 1970 edition, but that’s only a guess. Any help gratefully received.

Update: there are some suggestions in Comments below which are helpful. The most likely seems to be that it is a reference to Richard III, not Richard II, and the editor is Pierre Spriet.

Update 2: I now have a copy of the Spriet book, which is a study of Richard III, not a translation. I was convinced that this was correct, but just to make sure, when back in Paris reordered this box and rechecked. It does say Richard III, not II, which is my mistake; and while the writing is difficult for the name, it does says ‘ Spriet’.

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7 Responses to Shakespeare, Richard II query

  1. I looked through the World Shakespeare Bibliography and the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog and the closest result to sprich would be an article by Paul Steck that isn’t solely about Richard II. Could it be that sprich simply refers to a talk given, either by the author of the bibliography or by the preceding author in the bibliography?

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks so much John – very much appreciated. I don’t think ‘Sprich’ can refer to a talk, but it’s possible. The note is from Foucault, and all the other texts are in English, so the German may be a false lead. Not much to go on – but I do appreciate your search.

  2. Perhaps the author is Pierre Spriet, though his writings (again from World Shakespeare Bibliography) are on Richard III (including this 1970 book:

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks again John – that sounds highly likely. Reading ‘Sprich’ when ‘Spriet’ was written; and II for III is entirely possible given the handwriting. Will try to find a copy of this text.

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks again John – your detective work is entirely correct. I now have a copy of the Spriet book, and rechecked the note when in Paris. III not II is my mistake in transcription, and the writing does say Spriet, though I can certainly see why I thought it was Sprich,

  3. Alistair Leadbetter says:

    There’s an American academic called Robert Sprich who has published works in which the works of Shakespeare were discussed and was a member of the MIT Shakespeare Society. Is that any use? See here for possible clues

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks Alistair – that’s useful to know. I’m not sure it’s correct, given the dates, and think John’s suggestion (previous comment) may be right. But still, much appreciated.

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