Call for Papers – The Gentrification of the Political

Call for papers for a conference in Kent in June 2016.

The Gentrification of the Political

‘The Gentrification of the Political’

A Workshop at the University of Kent

School of Politics & International Relations

6th & 7th June 2016

Gentrification, as an urban phenomenon, is one of the central issues around which contemporary political struggles are organised. This workshop seeks to contribute to understanding the ways in which the process of gentrification occurs, by seeing it as a political problem at the level of conceptualisation itself. It seeks to investigate how academic and intellectual practice can be ‘gentrified’, what the effects of this process are, and how it can be prevented. By taking a transdisciplinary approach to these questions, we seek to explore the valences of the concept of ‘gentrification’ when applied to ‘the political’, beyond the immediate process of urban development. In other words, how can the logic of gentrification be applied and resisted at the level of thought itself, and to what extent is…

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