Michael Naas on forms of life in Plato – audio recording

Michael Naas on forms of life in Plato – audio recording from a talk at Memorial University of Newfoundland. A fascinating talk on bios and zoe throughout Plato’s work – which adds much needed nuance to the rather crude distinction Agamben draws. I had a brief discussion of the need for this in a paper on ‘Heidegger’s Animals‘, but that section was cut from the finished version. Naas goes well beyond what I could have accomplished, and makes me glad I never embarked on trying to develop that cut part.

Peter Gratton, who introduces the talk, says a bit about it here. As he concludes: “It was a tour de force, where one could pick up certain influences, such as Derrida, but one which left our classics people quite thrilled with the care and erudition.”

(Technical note: I had to download the audio file to listen to it, rather than stream it, but downloading worked fine.)

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1 Response to Michael Naas on forms of life in Plato – audio recording

  1. dmf says:

    was a good talk reminded me of http://www.cplong.org/2015/12/on-touch-and-life-in-the-de-anima/
    would be wonderful if more folks made (and made public) such recordings.

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